Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Introducing Arbonne

I am sure many of you will have heard of Arbonne. They make cosmetics, body care and nutrition products - all Vegan and fabulous quality. My sister became an Arbonne independent Consultant last year, so I have got on board to both support her new business, but also because by and large I love the products! All the body care products (cleansers, moisturisers, etc...) smell amazing and my skin is loving the quality!
Recently I also jumped on the nutrition in a big way - I had already tried their Fizz-sticks (caffeinated, vitamin packed, drink sachets... kind of like berocca with caffeine!) and I had started adding their unflavoured protein powder to my smoothies, but then my sister held a Nutrition party and I enjoyed the flavours so much I bit the bullet and invested in a nutrition pack. Now I have Choc and Vanilla flavoured protein powder, Fiber Boost, Greens Balance, herbal tea, and more fizz sticks!

So... now I wanted to expand my repertoire of smoothies... so I hunt the internet for some smoothie recipes using Arbonne powder... A few have been great, but Tuesday morning's was a bit of a flop. I think it was because I varied the recipe so it tasted a bit funky... still I drank most of it! This morning I made a yummy almond flavoured one (with Almond milk and slivered almonds), but I didn't find it as filling as the ones that I include fruit and/or vegetables in.

If you want to give smoothies for breakfast (or any other meal) a go... try this link. If you, like me, would like to give botanical, environmentally friendly and lovely cosmetics and body care a go... then check out my sister's Facebook page (and if you live in Melbourne she can help you!). If you don't live in Melbourne, don't despair... Arbonne is available all over the world!

Abrönne Essentials - Protein Shake Recipes

Glenda Hanslow, Arbonne Independent Consultant

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

RUOK - Postcards for Change

I'm participating in a gig this Sunday afternoon. It's for a charity called RUOK - about checking in with your friends (in real time) and preventing social isolation (and suicide - yuck!)

Every year they try to get out there in the media and with gigs and fun stuff to try and get the message out... we need each other peoples....

So this weekend try and hug as many as you can, and then send me a message with how many you achieved.

What else can you do? Call up your friends, schedule in a coffee catch up... If you're in Melbs, make it a walk and catch up, the weather is improving - TG! <><

Also if you're in Melbourne - come to the gig!

If you're not on Facebook, but have some free time this Sunday 13th afternoon....

Here are the deets:
Postcards For Change Art Exhibition Opening (with Music and speeches!)
Western Glow
79 Ireland St, West Melbourne
3pm - 6pm

Not sure if exhibit is continuing past opening - it has limited tickets which you can purchase here:

And it may be a sell-out, but if not, it's likely $10-15 at the door.
Bring extra $ for the art! All proceeds to RUOK

Don't be late or you'll miss me mate (That's Girl Friday, the folky music gal who's up first in the live line-up) and me, as I might have to rush back to Blackburn early....

Love ya's

I'm Writing again!

I'm back and with a vengeance - gotta get my words out there and tweets are silly, I need more Space!

Hence here I am back at JocelynSpace and hope you can find me here...

Here's a little poem I wrote last Winter, but reminds me of this winter too - thankfully Spring is beginning to warm the air and I tell you it can't come soon enough...

Stormy Weather Reminds Me

The tumbling, gushing wind
the splinters of rushing rain
remind me of those times in your life
when all seems upheaval

Most call it stormy weather
filling your life with uncertainty
feelings of distress and fear
hesitant to take the next step

These times you just have to weather
like any storm they give way to rainbows
reminding us of love and truth
and better days ahead

And as the wind calms down
and the rain turns to mere drizzle
you can breathe a sigh of relief
and focus once again

thoughts become calm and ordered
you know what has to be done
now you can smile and remember
what you have come through, where you're going to

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Video clip of the week... (formerly known as Song of the Week)

Can't help loving The Dresden Dolls... I did want to be a clown ("What do you want to be when you grow up little girl"?) after all, when I was a kid, and sometimes contemplate giving up all the trappings of my normalised self for the other side of the mirror... I think the lyrics of The Kill describe this so well... as does the style of the music...

Watch and Listen... then dance if you want to!
Here's to music and dancing over the Summer holidays.... I might even have time to gather with some musicians and put a few of my 2013 poems to music... TBC... and watch this spaced! Ciao xo

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

Hi people who read my blog... sorry I haven't been updating much of late. Thanks to all my faithful friends who keep up with me on twitter, Facebook, or even Pintrest... our world is so big and small these days, isn't it..?

My life is so full these days, even though I'm not even working much... I have started "appearing" on the television... Neighbours, even... but only in the background, pretending to ' talk and drink and eat with my "friends" - aka fellow extras. Yep! Last year I signed up with a talent agency. They supply extras and models for all sorts of media campaigns - both advertising and TV, and films. I hope to get more "easy" money... 

While I'm busy with my life... I don't want to go too much in to what else is keeping me busy. Though not because it's not interesting. I think I always live an interesting life!! That is only my opinion though, I guess. Though I too believe I have "decent" opinions, even if their not always "right". Who are we to judge others opinions as "wrong" though...? I guess I view myself as someone with positive morals... I've only given these two words emphasis to draw attention to the point I want to make in this post. 

Ordinarily I am someone who cares. I love life and I also want to be helpful. Helpful to myself and every one. I say one because I care about ALL my Father created. I believe he created and cares for me so I should take care of me and, well, lets be honest, most things. Of course, I don't really like rodents, or annoying creepy crawlies, or even dangerous things. I am a little bit racist at times, sadly most of my compatriots are though, comes of our difficult and ignored history! I take care when I interact with people and things. Things that I value. I believe all things have some kind of value, value in what the are to me and you, and can do and be for all of us. Things that can be beautiful, or make us smile, laugh, or even cry, just because of what and who they are. This is why I love people most of all.

Today I wish to acknowledge and thank all my fellow females too. All the wonderful women who have cared, inspired, befriended and encouraged and challenged me. I thank him for all the bossy women, I can be a bit bossy sometimes too, so I thank him especially for making me a strong woman.  A woman who knows my strength comes not only in my jeans, or genes… but from the women who helped to make me who I call me today. My Nan, Grandma, Gaynor (Mum), my aunties, my godmother Cheryl, my other females god parents, my female cousins, niece, sisters, best friends… yep. All of us girls. I think we can all be thankful today.

Thankful for all the things that make us womanhood. Thankful for our sister hood and thankful especially for our Mums. Who would we be without them? xoxo <><

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Song of the week - or an album of the week....

I really dig Goyte's music... he's doing a gig at The Bowl soon... should be a cracker if Melbs comes the goods with the weather... but still... If it were a cool show it would be worth it even in the rain... preferably I go to The Bowl for free and cheap events... but I guess I'm just a tightarse!

Anyways... I love his album Making Mirrors.  I liked his music before this album too, but I bought the Album last summer and there are multiple favourite tracks... Like... a good break-up song (Somebody I used to Know)... an excellent rocking out dance if you want to track (I Feel Better) and this one... just to name 3.

Save Me

In the mornings
I was anxious
It's better just to stay in bed
Didn't want to fail myself again

Running through all the options
And the endings
Were rolling out in front of me
But I couldn't choose a thread to begin

And I could not love
Cause I could not love myself
Never good enough, no
That was all I'd tell myself
And I was not well
But I could not help myself
I was giving up on living

In the morning
You were leaving
Travelling south again
And you said you were not unprepared
And all the dead ends
And disappointments
Were fading from your memory
Ready for that lonely life to end

And you gave me love
When I could not love myself
And you made me turn
From the way I saw myself
And you're patient, love
And you help me help myself
And you save me
And you save me
Yeah you save me

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Song of the week

I'm going through a rather sad time in my life, as you will have noted if you read this blog.  There are some lovely songs about grief in my collection.  I first heard this one live at Womadelaide festival in March 2011 and it brought me to tears as I thought of my Dad and that I would soon have to say a final goodbye to him.  It really captures the mood, perhaps she wrote it about a parent too....

Goodbye - Leah Flanagan

Goodbye is so hard to say
When you know you won't be saying it again
And each night this heavy heart breaks
For goodbye is a lifetime away

Well I, I have no lies
And for that I am proud
I didn't do it alone
'Cause I learnt from the best
You showed me how to love & then I made up the rest

Now I, I'm doing my own
To keep these demons out of my mind
And its hard to keep my head up high
With each sun going down I feel we're losing time

'Cause goodbye is so hard to say
When you know you won't be saying it again
And each night this heavy heart breaks
That goodbye is a lifetime away…

If I've been a sinner I'll confess till I bleed
I'll take a world's worth of punishment to have you alive not in dreams
Take these bones from my back, take all that I own
For life without you is a wine I don't know

'Cause when, when its the last sky
Changing with the pull of the tide
I remember the colours, and I remember them well
The Alyawarre people the ran ocean swell

'Cause goodbye is so hard to say
When you know you won't be saying it again
And each night this heavy heart breaks
For goodbye is a lifetime away